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What is this?

UberScoreMasterTM is a web based software application that provides rapid IDPA score entry and immediate publishing of the results. The program was born out of the frustration of entering match scores into an Excel Spreadsheet and then going through multiple steps uploading and distributing the results. Every part of UberScoreMaster was created with the attempt to keep keystrokes and mouse movements to a minimum. The use of a tablet device is even more efficient than using a PC if you have access to one.

We hope you enjoy using this free application as much as we did building it. As with everything we do, we feel an application is never done and grows with the input from the users. Your input for improvements is appreciated.

Here is a video that talks about what UberScoreMaster is and what it isn't. http://youtu.be/gDkKOS3o83U

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Why did you write it?

First of all, we're shooters too so we wanted an easy way to enter results. Second, as IDPA members we wanted to give back to the sport we love. Third, we wanted to showcase this free application as an example of the quality software development we do at Hauser Technology Integration, Inc. We hope you'll remember us the next time you hear of someone needing custom software development. We have been in business over 17 years and have a substantial list of clients. We also have partnered and founded many Internet startups.

Does this cost anything?

No. This is an advertisement for our business and will be free as long as we are in business. After 17 years of going strong we don't anticipate any problems keeping this program available forever. The texting score alerts to club members does cost us 5 cents per text message so at some point we may have to charge a little for that if the app gets very successful but that's down the road a bit.

We don't get Internet at the range. Can I still use this software?

Absolutely! It was originally written as a way to enter results quickly after the match and to immediately alert everyone that shot that day with an email and/or text message with a click of a button. So worse case you can take the scores home and enter them while enjoying your favorite beverage. It will still save you tons of time. Using the pre-match signup will also keep you from pulling your hair out trying to decipher the scribbles on the scorecard.
If you can get Internet at the range then you can score in real-time but it's not necessary.

How can we get Internet at the range?

You can purchase a mobile hotspot device at many places. Here is one suggestion from one of our users.

Walmart Wireless Hotspot

He says it works very fast at the range and reaches over into other bays. It's pay-as-you-go and he finds the cost very reasonable. My only concern is that this particular device is 3G and not LTE. For the latest speeds you'll probably have to pay more from carriers such as AT&T or Sprint.

If it doesn't eliminate paper then why not just use Excel?

Computers crash, syncing has problems, Wifi isn't working, batteries run out, viruses can infect your computer, etc. All these technical issues can spoil your match and get shooters upset while you're playing with trying to figure out what went wrong - meanwhile ruining YOUR fun day of shooting too. We recommend entering the results on paper and then using UberScoreMaster to save you time entering them and publishing them.

As for comparison to Excel, Excel ...
  • doesn't allow shooters to sign up and enter their own demographic information saving you from having to read their messy writing and taking the time
  • doesn't provide an efficient way to enter results using only your mouse or only tapping with a tablet - with Excel you have to constantly work between mouse and keyboard
  • doesn't provide a way to QC the results against missing results, provide a chart that looks something like the scoresheet so you can quickly check things, or an algorithm that calculates any issues it finds where the shooter is out of whack on a stage from the norm that they have been shooting
  • doesn't provide a button that automatically emails and texts everyone that shot that day
  • doesn't provide a means to optionally enter the scores right during the match to save time getting the results out after the match
  • doesn't provide bar code labels to help in large matches
  • doesn't provide a cool chart that gives valuable graphical information to the shooter (more graphs and charts coming)
  • doesn't provide a nice looking report that shows scores broken out by division/class/subcategories and most accurate shooter
  • isn't for free (although Excel does come with some new computers)
  • doesn't come with support a phone call or an email away
  • doesn't come with someone willing to write in new features for you for free because they are nice guys
Most importantly, this isn't just about our ideas. Several users from clubs both here in the US and internationally have been emailing us with suggestions and we have been putting them ALL in. It's becoming a tool built by all of us to make the process more efficient, accurate and best of all, free to all.

What if the Internet goes down during my match?

The short answer is that you would have to enter the results using the "after-match" method after the Internet connection is restored or when you get home.

But would this really happen? Smart phone broadband LTE network connectivity (at least in our area) is as fast as Wifi. I personally use my smart phone and iPad broadband many times per day and cannot remember in recent memory the inability to get on the Internet. This includes at our range. All kinds of businesses now rely on these networks to run their businesses. While it would be naive to say Internet (specifically Internet broadband) outage is a thing of the past, I can say for me it has been 100% for years now.

Delivering a software product that is Internet based makes a lot of sense. For installation, maintenance and upgrade reasons, you can't beat it. This software product is based on the idea that the time has come to rely on Internet based apps to run our matches.

Having said that, if a paper backup is not viable then a dual Internet source would be preferable. For example, a land-line backup connected to a LAN much in the same way your home wireless network is run.

Let me know your thoughts on this.

Why don't you trend the match results so I can monitor my progress?

We would love to write in some trending analysis but want to see if people are going to use the app first (it's brand new). I promise you that if your club uses this for score entry and publishing every week we'll write a trending report.

How reliable is this app?

The app is hosted on our servers at a world class hosting facility here in Dallas. It is very secure and has multiple backbone connections as well as UPS and generator power backups. This is the same set of servers we use to host apps for Fortune 500 customers who demand the best. As for the software, we've been in business 17 years doing the same Internet and mobile based software development. Hopefully you can tell from the quality of this app how good we are in comparison to other software development companies.

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